Scenes from the Big Pasture
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Just kidding....but got ya' to look!!

Are these Colts....?

Good Shooter and the owner of Cowboy Carvings....!!

The shooting bays were a former Catfish Farm.

Photo from our last night shoot......!

Excellent view of Bay Number Six

If you come out and shoot with us, you get to wear these.....

Trooper Smiff from England

The Wichita (Ouichita) Mountains are 22 miles north.......

Shooter preparing for his turn on the line

Has won her class over 100 times.....

The Right to Bear Arms

Named SASS Regulator in 2009

Ima Quickshot's great photo....!!

OMG.....He shot a hole in the sky!!!

Colt in .38/40 and Ruger in .44/40

Customized Coach Shotgun

Fancy Ladies Birdshead

The Early Years.......

Another good reason to shoot Duelist......

Ya' gotta admit this stuff is beautiful.....!

Long Range Match, anyone?

This space for sale......

RB can shuck like nobody's business.....!

Jorma Rekke and The Mountain Ghost (what is this all about, you say?)