Shortgrass Ranger Photographs
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Shortgrass Rangers, send us your favorite photo!

Justin Parker won "The Shotgun Classic" in 2011 and broke the Brisco Kid's strangle hold on the Title!


Get into's quite safe!!

The cowboy is ugly, but the form is good.....?!

The Rangers thought maybe they could hide in amongst the town folk......

It was 'Dress Alike Day' at school......

Can we say "tricked out"!?

One-Hundred-Forty-Nine (149) Clean Matches between the two of 'em...although she is much prettier and more accurate than he is!!

"Both of us wanna be jes' like RB someday!!"

Ranked both in Duelist Category and Clean Matches. Others contend that he is just "rank"!?

It appears that only Cap'n Allyn understood what 'Port-Arms' meant!!

Capt. Allyn Capron now is the proud owner of that coveted "White Squirrel 50-Match" trophy!

Nefarious cowboys trying to chat-up two young College Girls.....!!

"....and then Texita said that I should just watch him and....."

It all started out so well.....

but the words 'rancor', 'libation' and 'scurrilous' made it difficult for many.

"Why shoot like a Cop, when you can shoot like a Cowboy....?" Duelist forever!!

Artistic rendition of "Smokey"!!

Thinking to himself ("Gosh, .45 LC rounds do fit in my shotgun....!")