HELL ON THE PRAIRIE - Current Champions
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All are CURRENT unless otherwise indicated - and they include Red River War and Duel in the Dust winners before Hell on the Prairie became the Summer Event.  We Cowboys are a tough bunch, but we do know when ta come in outta the rain........!

Black Powder - Papa Bear (2001)

Young Gun  - ET Ranger (2017)

Cowboy - Gol Durn' Varmit (2017)

Senior Lady - Better Half (2017)

Double Duelist - Captain Hebe Missing (2017)

Duelist - Dorado (2017)

Elder Statesman - Quick Trigger (2017) 

Frontier Cartridge - MM Wright (2002)

Grand Patron - 3 Finger Mike (2016)

Gunfighter - Hondo Tweed (2017)

Ladies 49'er - Ima Quikshot (2017)

Ladies Frontier Cartridge - Querida Kate (2011)

Ladies Modern - Flossie (2014)

Ladies Senior - Carrin Heat (2015)

Ladies Silver Senior - Better Half (2017) 

Ladies Traditional - Querida Kate (2005)

Ladies Wrangler - Lone Star Lucy (2015)

Men's 49er - Texita Draw (2017)

Modern - Cole Creek (2003)

Senior - Redleg Reilly (2017)

Traditional - Boots Fits (2014)

Silver Senior - Goose Terwilligher (2016)

Wrangler - Tombstone Todd (2017)


  Take Aim on the Big Three of the Shortgrass Rangers: "Millenium Shoot" - "The Great Shotgun Classic" and "Hell on The Prairie" This is the ideal place to meet the Shortgrass Rangers, who are an exciting bunch from Oklahoma and Texas......sometimes, others sneak in, but we do try to be aware of the more nefarious types.

Fastest Hell on the Praire Match ever -

2017 - "TEXITA DRAW" shot the 2-Day Match in 276.88 seconds from the 49'ER Class

  Slick gun handling is the order of the day...... The Redleg Reilly School of Cowboy Action Shooting is available to all.  This will include: 1) Dealing with multiple misses 2) Short stroking your pistol on empty cylinders 3) wounding yourself with a rifle 4) how to quickly blame your shooting on a "bad Thumb" and 5) dressing in the latest GQ Fashions.  Please contact Redleg at any match for further details.  Cost is minimal in order to keep it in line with the training that you will receive.  (Nick "I can't hit a bird" Cisco is a Magna Cum Laude graduate!)  

Fastest Hell on the Praire Stage ever -

2017 - Stage #12 (The Fort) in 17.90 seconds by TEXITA DRAW from the 49'er Class

  See Ya'll next time....!! Hell on the Prairie, The Great Shotgun Classic and the Millenium Matches are a must!  And be prepared to attend all of the Club's Matches - they promise to be something special!!!