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Come on In....'n mosey through the 'Big Pasture' of The Shortgrass Rangers located in Grandfield, Oklahoma!!

Hey Y'all!  We're gonna kinda lead you through this, let's get going!

My name is RB Rooson and I am a Cowboy Action Shooter formerly located in Paradise,Texas......No kidding, I really did live in Paradise......Paradise, Texas!  But, I have returned to my roots and now reside in Wisconsin, where I will commence again with Cowboy Shootin' once the snow gets off the ground. 

I had shot extensively (sometimes poorly....) with The Shortgrass Rangers in Grandfield, Oklahoma and consider them to be one of the finest SASS Clubs around - not for the great number of exceptional shooters, but for what SASS and Cowboy Action are all about.......a wonderful time every two (2) weeks with like-minded individuals that believe "Cameradie and Cowboy Action" go hand-in-hand.  The Shortgrass Rangers do not tolerate ungentlemanly type persons and believe that the game should be played the same way.  Our matches are more Social Events than anything else......we prefer "Good Shooting, Laughter and Excellent Friends" above all else.  The stages in the Big Pasture are truly unique and favoured by the many who have come to shoot with us.

The Shortgrass Rangers shoot two (2) times each month, the 1st Saturday and the 3rd Sunday.  There are three (3) Special Matches throughout the year - The Millenium Shoot (annually on January 1st); Hell on the Prairie (a 2-day shoot); and The Great Shotgun Classic.  We do not give out medals, coins, ribbons or any type of bauble for achievements, other than recognition for a Clean match - but, the website has a short synopsis of each match which is informative, 'tongue-in-cheek' and does mention credit where it is due. 

It's been a Faro game for the Rangers......(and that was an intentional play on words)!

And there are no "Sacred Cows" here, if you want to shoot with us and show just might get your personna tweaked abit!!
"Why is he loading his pistol with a bullet that has a dented primer?" 

Run your cursor over colored lines on every page - if you get a HAND, be surprised for what comes up!!  Enjoy.....and we will continously be adding items.  Cowboy Up, Rangers!!


"Just where did I park my horse....??"